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There may be no more promising sector in today’s marketplace than the burgeoning field of martial arts. Global Jujitsu Association is one of the most promising future martial arts organisations you can invest in.

With the growing number of martial art groups dedicating themselves to this field, why choose us? Simple, There are several excellent reasons to choose Global Jujitsu Association:

  1. Our expanding membership
  2. Recognition and membership to the worlds best teachers of Japanese martial arts
  3. Insurance
  4. First aid courses
  5. Criminal records bureau checks and adventure

If you’re looking to reach the industry leaders and your future customers in martial arts and its related industries, Global Jujitsu Association affords you the best opportunity you will get to provide excellence in a world of martial arts, to yourself as an instructor and also to your students.

Join Global Jujitsu Association and its emerging community and help provide your students and your club/ association with the information they need to stay in touch with the leaders in the martial arts world!

Measure Your Success with Global Jujitsu Association.

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