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Global Jujitsu Association Services

Global Jujitsu Association are able to offer the following services to it’s members.

  1. Membership to Global Jujitsu Association (Including licence book and association badge)
  2. Access to top quality first aid certification
  3. Access to criminal records bureau checks
  4. Quality martial arts insurance to cater for all legal requirements
  5. Recognition of all grades from the GJJA
  6. Advice on how to open your own club as members of the Global Jujitsu Association
  7. Run your own gradings up to brown belt as set out in the Global Jujitsu Association constitution using sylibus licence books and certificates provided by the association
  8. Run seminars as set out in the Global Jujitsu Association constitution for and on behalf of Global Jujitsu Association
  9. Grade recognition from Japan and membership to one of Japans most prestigious martial arts societies DNBK
  10. Local, Regional and International seminars as arranged by academy instructors
  11. Tuition in Jujitsu, Iaijitsu (Iaido), Jojitsu (Jodo), Self defence and various aspects from the global community of martial arts
  12. Before and after school clubs
  13. Corporate business rates (special offers available)
  14. Provide advertising space for martial arts and business
  15. A fast, reliable and friendly service

Please click on this link to see our on line membership application form


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